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where are you

Copyright (c) Emily Elizabeth Black 2011


Verse 1:

watch your step and watch the line

i’m fading fast im out of time
i cannot forget who i am
second guessing every step
trying hard to do my best
but fearing that i’ll just fail one more time


and this bleeding heart
i’m watching it fall apart
with one question burning, searing into my very core
why don’t i hear You anymore?


how could i and where are You
without peace, without truth
do You hide Your face, You scorn my tears
i'm scared to death an You’re not here
You’re a God that doesn’t lie
You say seek and You will find
so here i am before You with one earnest, heartfelt plea
again i ask, again i scream
where are You?

Verse 2:

is it something i did something  i said
that’s now keeping You at bay
cuz i still go to sunday school, following the golden rule,

but what is this You speak of, this...grace? 

well i’ve heard in church so many times before
but i give it a try as i fall to the floor
and its slowly, suddenly, dawning upon me
i need this. oh i need this Jesus



Verse 3:

i see my reflection in the shard of a mirror

i look in Your word, my reflection gets clearer:

suffering from a disease - "dress-to-impress" hypocrisy

piety was god to me

i left my first Love

but love and grace are in Your embrace

and Your arms are always open

but first i must admit that i'm not on the throne

i'm far, far below 'cuz i'm broken Jesus

Pre-Chorus 2:

my bleeding heart, You heal.

Chorus 2:

amazing grace! how sweet the sound

what once was lost, You have found

amazing grace has set me free

alive in Christ, and He in me

amazing grace! how sweet the sound

what once was lost, You have found

there on the cross for all to see

was the picture of Love for humanity

screaming, screaming,

"I love you!"

Emily Elizabeth

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