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7. Ruby Red Lipstick


Ruby Red Lipstick sittin' on her doorstep.

Ruby Red Lipstick waitin' for her moment.

“Ruby Red Lipstick”- saw it in a magazine.

Now she wears it uptown downtown to make a scene.


They see her coming saying -

“Oh, there's Ruby on a rampage!

Oh, she's a-strutting center front stage.

Oh, there's a look in her eye

she stole from the devil in the middle of the night.”


Ruby Red Lipstick fell in love a thousand times

with the pigeons in the public square

and Mother Goose's book of rhymes.

Then Ruby Red Lipstick left it all to find the stage,

but somehow all she found were mistakes and forty years of age.


Standing in the moonlight (her private spotlight),

she lives in a fantasy her own.

The world is kinder place;

it's offered a warm embrace -

and she is the star of the show.


Ruby Red Lipstick sittin' on her doorstep.

Twenty-three years have passed since the moment

that Ruby Red Lipstick saw it in a magazine:

a call for women young and bright, now she's a lady of the night.

Emily Elizabeth

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