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1. Eloise, Eloise


Eloise, Eloise, take me just how you please,

but take me, only take me with you.

I've realize my demise: no love to give, no life have I

but found in these moments with you.

Splitting seams, broken dreams - the world was never ours it seems - but I am yours, and you are mine.

So breathlessly dance with me,

lost in each other's company -

we'll find it again in due time...


Hopelessly! That's how I'd love to be -

hopelessly falling ev'ry day!

Wait for me, my precious Eloise.

I may be a fool, but my heart it beats truly for...

Eloise, Eloise...Eloise, Eloise.


Marry me, marry me, and someday everyone will see

how you and I were meant to be.

In their eyes, therein lies the devil

with his crooked smile,

but you are the narrow path I'll take.

Eloise, Eloise - tell me true, tell me please

that love like ours never fades.

How could I ever try to look another in the eye

and ever even love her the same?

You took my heart won't you take my name?

You took my heart won't you take my name?

Emily Elizabeth

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