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5. Long Road


Long, long road with its barren tracks.

Walk along; she'll have no reason to look back.

Shoes untied and her dress undone,

hair's a mess - she's looking for some place to run.

Closed his eyes with her finger bare.

His lips were dry and she tried to care,

but it hurt too much, there's no pain to spare.

Close your eyes - you're already half the way there.

Cover footsteps with grains of sand.

You're one moment too late - it was perfectly planned

Hands to touch you and eyes to cry,

lungs to breath and scream, scream at night.


You lost everything, but you'd never found

the kind of something to keep you,

to keep you around.

It wasn't fate - it was fatal flaws.

And it wasn't hate - it was just all the same,

the same, the same old cause.


And if you asked her she couldn't say -

the devil works in mysterious ways.

And if you asked her she wouldn't know.

It was all just a path on the road.

Emily Elizabeth

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