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8. Old Man


Old man, old man, sitting on the corner.

Old man, old man only getting older

but telling you, you'll never ever make it out alive.

Old man, old man, avarice spoke first.

Old man, poor man, with an empty purse,

who told you, made you so smart?

Old man. Poor, old man.


He's got a point and you know it,

but you don't wanna listen

so you stuff up your pockets full of ambition.

With your suit and Sunday tie you smile and push the doubt out of your mind -

You'll do just fine!

Or die, die, die, die tryin'.


Old man, old man, haven't you heard

what the young men say of the world?

It's ripe for the taking, just grab grab grab and go.

Old man, old man – he can play the fool.

Old man, old man smiles at you.

He's missing all his teeth and there are cracks in his eyes as he asks you, “Have you ever died?”


Old man, old man says he's been there before.

He had all the world right in his hand but only wanted more

Then one day he upped and died,

and that's when he realized...

He realized as he watched his corpse at the front of the church,

as his wife cried and his kids smirked,

as his life flashed before his eyes -

that he'd never looked good in suits and ties.


The weight of regret pushed him back from the grave

as the life he had wasted went up in flames.

Said the old man, “Young man...

you'll never make it out alive!”

Emily Elizabeth

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