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6. Opened Eyes


Heavy words - your heavier silence.

We have fragile eyes; I see the violence our minds have wrought. What have we thought coming here?

A thousand footsteps have gone before us,

their banners burning the sky, their scars just like ours - but Who for?

I see him laughing in his sleep without a copper for the fee, and all we do, all we do is screech.


Opened eyes, we realized they fantasized.

Could it be lies?

Just who decides which side is right?

I can't breathe unless I scream - it somehow seems this strangled thing has changed

from what it used to be.

Where is the faith, the faith of my fathers?

The faith that held us and taught us?

Faith is all that's left in me - let's tear it out and make it bleed to see if this heart still beats.


Trample on the blood of the innocents.

Let's drench our hands and stand to pray -

we've lost it all, we've lost it all, we've lost it all -

it's our mistake!

But if a thousand turns of time can erode this faith,

if it's only defined by its wretched mistakes,

then by God - my God they're right...


Take it all back. I want to take it all back.

Dump a can of kerosene on words I used to make you think;

let the ashes speak for themselves.

Yes, I'm only human,

and you're only breathing like it.

I would have died to show you new life,

but you weren't looking for it.

And I can't prove, can't prove a thing.

And God already knows

you're so much better than I'll ever be,

but I wanted to show you what it felt like to be loved

'cuz that's the only reason I still believe.

I still believe.

Emily Elizabeth

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