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Verse 1:

to the one who holds my hand when i fall
to the one who catches every tear,

to the one who knows it all
every bruise, every scar
on my heart
and whose blood washes away it all


to You i lift an eternal song of praise
to You i raise my hand
as i'm begging You to stay
close to me
forever near to me
as the fire in my heart
the light in this dark
and so i raise my hand
to You

Verse 2:

to show that i am weak but You are strong
i kneel before You now, with my face down to the ground
and my soul, wholly Yours, wholly new
so unworthy but so willing to be used



let the rain pour down
tears burn my eyes
wash the world away
'til it's just You and i
bring me to the place of worship
bring my heart back to the throne


to you

Copyright (c) Emily Elizabeth Black 2009

Emily Elizabeth

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