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simple words

Copyright (c) Emily Elizabeth Black 2011

Verse 1:
You breathed into my soul
that’s when i became whole

though i don’t know why You chose
this little voice, this simple soul
i was inscribed on the palm of Your hand
You bore that scar so i’d understand
there could be no more “alone”
i was spoken for
for the last time,
and for all time…

so whisper my Lord to me
whisper, my Lord, and receive
these simple words
of little worth
to a mocking world
but You my Lord remain
and its for You, and You alone, I sing
these simple words
You give them worth
simple words.

Verse 2:
i was lost in the storm of life
without a compass, without a prayer
stranded on the rocks, screaming, “i don’t care!”
see, i thought you’d given up on me quite some time ago
but You say, “No.”
ou say You don’t and You won’t and You cannot let go


if i can’t find the perfect words that will bless Your heart, bless Your soul
Then i can only
give control to You, praying these simple words will do


Emily Elizabeth

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