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one note longer

Copyright (c) Emily Elizabeth Black 2009


Verse 1:

one step, one try,
here we are at the beginning.
one chance have i
to show all i've been hiding.
how do i know you know the way i feel?
it hasn't been long but it feels so real
if i could say it any louder, i'd use words...

so hold me one note longer.
i'll let you have this dance,
a magical moment.
you just have to ask.
how can i refuse you
when our eyes meet?
i'll be yours forever
to cherish and keep.
do you love me the way i love you?

Verse 2:

you pull me close
i can feel your heart beating.
and mine keeps time.
i'm lost and you keep leading.
oh, have you ever felt this way before?
you take my hand and my feet leave the floor.
i know i'm safe here, and sound...


so hard, so fast, so true.
'cuz one whole equals me plus you.
don't let the clock strike midnight so soon...

So hold me one note longer.
I'll let you have this dance,
A magical moment.
You just have to ask.
How can I refuse you
When our eyes meet?
I'll be yours forever
To cherish and keep.
Do you love me the way I love you?

...I do.

Emily Elizabeth

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