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one foot forward 

Copyright (c) Emily Elizabeth Black 2011


​Verse 1:
just moving one foot forward
don't even think about the path
or what i'm heading toward
'cuz there's no telling
i'm lost, lost here in the black
i spent my whole life wondering
just what it would mean
to be free
to choose to do what i wanted to
but i found
that freedom's less than free

watch me go
i can do anything
anything at all
watch me run and trip and fall
this lost its allure
when it began to hurt

Verse 2:
i am not ammune
to wide-eyed naivete
you'll see that i tend to neglect my intellect
so as to follow a heart that's betrayed me
a long time ago thought i'd figured out
just how empow'ring it would be to shout
"God see this God see me what a rebel i be!"
...but, my voice is sore, and my voice is shaking now


don't leave me here
i'm not as old as i appear
don't leave me here
i'm not as old as i appear

​Verse 3:
good God, don't leave me
oh my God please don't walk away
i know spent so much time trying
to push You away
i used to think You were all about
only telling and dictating how i was supposed to live
but now that my record's in
maybe its time i give back...

​Chorus 2:
to the One
who can do anything
anything at all
yet You run to me
pick me up when i fall
and here i've fallen see my scraped up knees
blood and teardrops stain my jeans
Your open arms await, await me
but to run to You there's so much here i must leave
so much down here i've gotta leave
and i've been holding holding on for so for so long
i forgot how to let go
and i don't i don't i don't want to surrender me.

Emily Elizabeth

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