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Copyright © Emily Elizabeth Black 2008

Verse 1:

pressures mount, frustration grows
into a mountain
i’m quietly imploding
so scared of disappointing 
this isn’t right, or am i wrong? 

is this the way it should have been along?
i don’t know and why do i have to choose,
when there’s nothing to gain, and everything to lose?

But somehow, somewhere, you reach out to me
You call when I least expect it
You say that with the faith of a tiny seed
We can move this mountain

so i give it up,
i give it all,
i’m living like i’ve never lived before
lay down my plans,
and all my pride,
let your Spirit be my guide
i’m alive, i’m alive, i’m alive

and i’m living
for You
in everything i la-da-da-di-da do.

Verse 2:
well i don’t know just where i’m headed,
but i stumbled across a realization
my journey’s never been
all about the destination

it’s about who i touch
so You can reach
its what i do not just what i speak
learning that with the faith of a tiny seed
we can move this mountain


through the fire,
through the flames,
i will call on Your name


Emily Elizabeth

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